Welcome to the OFFICIAL home page of Roy Thinnes, star of the groundbreaking science fiction TV series, �The Invaders� (1967), which inspired many other TV programs and science fiction films. This website showcases Roy�s fifty-year acting career and features a gallery of rare photos, especially of Roy as the legendary everyman David Vincent from The Invaders  

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NEW as of January 6, 2017: "A friend of mine, who is a UFO investigator, reminded me that The Vatican in 1947, and this was before the Roswell Incident, when asked if there was life out there in the Universe...the Pope (Pope Pius XII) didn't say it, but a spokesman for the Papacy said that the Universe must be teeming with life.  Anyone who has seen the film they show at the American Museum of Natural History, it is a film trip into the Universe, coming up out of the Milky Way and observing distant galaxies as far away as one can imagine.  Something's gotta be out there!  How can we possibly assume that we're alone here?"--Roy Thinnes.  


Roy Thinnes aka David Vincent in the Quinn Martin (May 22nd, 1922 - September 05th, 1987) produced 1960s classic SF tv series THE INVADERS (ABC 1967-68) will be in attendance at the upcoming THE HOLLYWOOD SHOW (formerly THE HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES AND COLLECTORS SHOW) being held on Saturday, January 07th (10:00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. P.T.) and Sunday, January 08th, 2017 (11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. P.T.) at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, 5400 Century Boulevard, Los Angeles California.


This is celebrity guest appearance by Roy is significant as it is his first after a lengthy moratorium and it also coincides just prior to the 50th Anniversary of THE INVADERS tv series' ABC Television Network primetime network debut on Tuesday, January 10th, 1967.


Also present will be former THE INVADERS guest performer alumni including Lou Gossett ("The Vice"), Antoinette Bower ("Condition Red!"), Sally Kellerman ("Labyrinth"), Barbara Luna ("Storm"), Joanne Linville ("Moonshot" and "The Pit") and Carl Held ("The Ransom").


Note that Lou Gossett will be in attendance on Saturday only!


Provided is a weblink to THE HOLLYWOOD SHOW online attending celebrity guest list for more (exciting) details. Story by Jeff T. of The Invaders Yahoo Group:

NEW - SEPTEMBER, 2016. EXCITING NEWS!! Mr. Roy Thinnes is scheduled to attend The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles, CA, January 6-8, 2017, just in time to celebrate The Invaders' 50th Anniversary of the shows' release. Here's your chance to meet the one and only "David Vincent!"

NEW - JUNE, 2016: Roy has suspended autographs until further notice. We will come up with a system later this year. Also, all correspondence should be held until the Fall as Roy is moving. Please respect his wishes for now.  Thank you to all who have corresponded, Roy appreciates very much your love and support! 

Roy Interview Series simulcast pn BKPRADIO with host James Finch. It's a 12 week series. Here's episode 1.

Roy was interviewed late April 2013 by radio host Tom Schmid.  Here is the link he sent me to share with you: Roy Thinnes Interview With Tom Schmid




 Convention pics---on news page! 

Recent Interviews with Roy

Remember these ominous, immortal words from the beginning of every episode:

The Invaders�alien beings from a dying planet, their destination: the Earth. Their purpose: to make it their world. David Vincent has seen them. For him, it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that he never found. It began with a closed deserted diner�and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy. Now, David Vincent knows that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun!�

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