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July, 2012...Winston-Salem, NC...Roy attends the Western Film Fair in Winston-Salem, NC, July 11-14, 2012

Photo by Joann D'Ascenzo.  Left - Ed Nelson, Center - James Rosin, Right - Roy Thinnes.

Photo courtesy of Victor A. Medina.  Roy at the Western Film Fair, Winston-Salem, NC

Roy's Paintings at the Film Fair, photo courtesy of Joann D'Ascenzo

July, 2011...Roswell, NM, Roy will be a guest at the International UFO Museum during the festival.  Stop by and say hi!  More info on the festival can be found here.

May 31-June 2, 2011...Roy was a guest at the Memphis Film Festival and here he is with Barbara Luna, who you may remember co-starred with Roy in the Invaders episode called "The Storm" from 1967 in which David Vincent was kept in a drugged state by an alien posing as a housekeeper of Joseph Campanella's character.  Luna also is well known for her co-starring role opposite William Shatner in the cult favorite "Mirror Mirror" or alternate universe episode of Star Trek TOS.  You can read more about this guest appearance by going hereThanks to Paul Green, who is the author of two books about the stars and shows of yesteryear, Pete Duel & A History of Television's The Virginian, for reporting this story.

March 21, 2011....Roy has recorded a Dark Shadows audio book, details and pre-orders are here [click link].

March 13, 2011....Roy appeared at Monster Mania Convention...

Roy and Lee Meriwether courtesy of Joann Dascenzo
Roy and Lee Meriwether courtesy of Joann Dascenzo 3/13/11

July 23, 2010...Roy to appear at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, September 23-25, 2010.  The venue is The Marriott Hotel, Hunt Valley, Maryland USA.  Go to their website for more details. 

Roy is also slated tentatively to appear at a convention in Burbank, California on October 9, 2010.  That event is said to be managed by David Ellerbee.  If you have more info, please send it along to us.

May 11, 2010 - The Other Man - found?

I ran across this by contacting a poster on imdb for the movie, The Other Man, which seems to have quite a following among female fans of Roy Thinnes. You can find a DVD-R version of this film by going to this site:


Just type in The Other Man in the search box and there is a listing for the video for 19.95.

I am not in any way endorsing this listing, but providing information for those fans out there who are seeking some kind of recording of this film, which, by the way, I have never seen. This is kind of stop-gap measure until we can collectively convince NBC Universal, the owners of the original film, to release it on DVD. If enough people write, perhaps they would consider a limited DVD release.

Best wishes,


PS Still working on the financing for The Invaders film. Trying other avenues while waiting for the first. Keep in mind that in the world of film financing, regardless of how well connected you are, it can take upwards of decades to get from script to screen. That's the nature of the game and I've been in it since 1978 and have been seeking funding for The Invaders in particular since 2001.

April 28, 2010 - Roy donated a doodle to National Doodle Day!

November 29, 2009 - Annual Holiday UFO Celebration, phone guest - actor Roy Thinnes. Mequon, WI. Visit Roswell Investigator or call 414-423-0393 for information.

April 6, 2009...Roy celebrated his 71st Birthday in Memphis, TN with family.  I spoke to Roy and he is in good spirits. 

January 27, 2009...The Invaders Complete set (Seasons 1 and 2 - all 43 episodes) is available from:


November 25, 2008...New Back Cover Art Released by CBS for The Invaders Season 2 Coming January 27 in Region 1 (USA & Canada) shows we have more great extras for the Region 1 set. 

October 27, 2008...THE INVADERS Season 2 DVD set (26 episodes) will be released in North America (Region 1) January 27, 2009.  You can order the 7 Disc set from Amazon.  This set is actually listed $2.00 cheaper than Season 1 is right now, so get your orders in while the price is still low!

May 27, 2008...THE INVADERS Season 1 DVD 5-disc set (17 episodes) is available from Amazon for $26.99. The set features many extras including a half hour interview with actor Roy Thinnes and special on camera intros to each episode!  Also, you can check out an online interview with Roy here.

Plans also are in the works for an Invaders Theatrical Movie.  Details to follow!